Perinatal Period

Dietary complementary compound feed reducing the risk of milk fever

This product prevents from postpartum paralysis. It provides highly absorbable calcium, the absorption of which is assisted by vitamin D3, reducing the risk of calcium metabolism disorders caused by the start of lactation. The preparation also provides phosphorus. Multi Balance, thanks to the content of niacin and B vitamins, supports the work of the liver and activates energy metabolism.

To reduce the risk of milk fever, administer orally immediately after calving. Repeat administration on the rst day after the delivery.
A single dose is 200 ml.

Recommended use:

Immediately after calving,
1 dose every 12 hours for 2 days.


– deficiency in Calcium and Phosphorus,
– deficiency in Magnesium,
– Post-calving fever

Prevents from postpartum paralysis
Reduces the risk of calcium deciency caused by the lactation
Supports liver function and activates energy metabolism
Provides phosphorus