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Trans Feed is a polish manufacturer of a high quality compound feed/feed additives for livestock. At the moment we offer products for cattle, poultry - ProfiVet and pigeon - FlyVet. Some of our products are suitable to be used in sheep and foals. The composition of our products consists only of the highest quality raw materials. The unique production technology guarantees that Trans Feed products offer high quality and safety for animal and human health. Our goal is to provide our clients with proven, effective and innovative products, that will support the treatment and therapy of animals. The mission of Trans Feed is continuous development, gaining experience and building long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Supplements and feed additives for cattle

The beginnings of Trans Feed date back to 2013. At that time, the offer included the production of milk replacers for calves and their export to Eastern Europe, mainly to Russia. The next stages of the company's development include the distribution of preparations and feed additives for cattle throughout Poland, modernization of the production plant, creation of new recipes, research and testing of supplements for cows and calves. As a result, in 2016, a wide range of cattle supplements was launched, the recipients of which are both veterinary clinics and points of sale with products for agriculture.

In 2018, the offer was enriched with a line of products for poultry - including products supporting liver regeneration, kidney protection, appetite stimulation and respiratory protection, as well as vitamins and minerals. In 2019, the sale of products for pigeons - supplements with a profile similar to those for poultry, with additional preparations preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi and electrolytes.

Trans Feed distribution network in Poland and in the world

Trans Feed permanently cooperates with more than 200 distributors in the Polish. Safe preparations for livestock are also exported to Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Ireland, South Korea, Uk, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Lithuania, Latvia and Hungary Want to know more? Contact your nearest sales representative!

High-quality preparations for cattle breeding

Thanks to modern technology, Trans Feed customers are sure that cow boluses, antipolar preparations for calves, conditioners and other products are available of the highest quality. We are GMP+ certified and our funds are GMO-free, which is supported by research in an accredited laboratory. The company also produces preparations supporting the feeding of poultry – profivet and flyvet pigeons.



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