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Mineral complementary compound feed

Keto Bolus is the perfect energy source for high-yielding cows to reduce the risk of ketosis. Keto Bolus provides fast absorbing energy, preventing from the production of increased non-esterified fatty acids (NEFA) amounts. However, deficiency in these acids
and deficiency in glucose lead to fat metabolism disorders, which cause fatty liver disease (hepatic steatosis), hepatic impairment and increased amounts of ketone bodies accumulated in the blood – ketosis.

Bolus dissolves in the rumen and ensures that the right level of energy is obtained quickly.

Administer via the applicator:
1 bolus in 12-24 hours prior to delivery or
1 bolus immediately after calving.

In already developed ketosis:
1-2 boluses in 10-12 hours after calving and
1-2 boluses in 24 hours after calving.
For high-yielding cows:
– to prevent ketosis
– in already developed ketosis.

Provides a high dose of quickly assimilable energy
Safe administration via the applicator