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TRANS FEED LLC is a limited joint-stock partnership with a registered office in Warsaw at ul. Puławska 111A/12. Trans Feed is a Polish manufacturer of high quality preparations for cattle, which in a non-invasive way help to solve health problems. The production plant is located in Mława.

Trans Feed partners with the largest companies across the world involved in providing milk substitutes for animals. They also work with the University of Warmia and Mazury in implementing joint research projects, with special emphasis on animal nutrition technology and the nutritional value of feed materials and compounds. The scope of their research also includes performing analyses, preparing scientific reports, organizing scientific conferences, and conducting joint trainings.

This gives Trans Feed access to the most modern techniques and expertise of its partners, allowing them to create the best preparations in the market. The composition of our products consists only of the highest quality raw materials. The unique production technology guarantees that Trans Feed products offer high quality and safety for animal and human health.

All products are manufactured according to the highest standards of safety. The high quality of these products allows Trans

Feed to successfully trade with customers worldwide.

The company's activities are regulated by the HACCP system, the company also holds a GMP certificate in the field of production of feed materials. The manufacturing process and quality of the products conforms to EU standards.

Trans Feed LLC, a limited joint-stock partnership has an approved veterinary number α PL1413042p.


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Healthy and safe production, without the application of GMOs

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